Internal Medicine


Medical care often relates to the non-surgical management of equine conditions. This may include the management of colic, eye conditions, heart conditions and neonatal care.

Most conditions can be initially investigated by a general practitioner, however more complex medical cases, or cases which may require surgery may benefit from the opinion of a specialist internal medicine clinician.

Thornton Wright is fortunate to have developed a historical relationship with a visiting internal medicine specialist, Prof Mark Bowen FRCVS, who can be consulted as required.

Patients requiring intensive care, isolation or which are potential surgical candidates will be referred to a hospital of your choice. Thornton Wright continues to actively engage with specialist led referral hospitals where a specialist internal medicine clinician will be responsible for the case and report back the necessary clinical information.


Thornton Wright is proud to provide reproductive services to many professional thoroughbred and sport horse studs in Lincolnshire, as well as individual clients wishing to breed from their mare.

Our comprehensive reproductive services include pre-breeding testing, preparation for insemination, post-insemination treatments, foetal scanning and management of the pregnant mare. Embryo transfer is also available for the 2024 stud season.

Thornton Wright offers competitive reproductive cycle packages for fresh, chilled and frozen semen. This includes all reproductive scans, hormone injections, insemination, and a 14 day pregnancy diagnosis scan.

Further scans at 28, 45 and 60 days of pregnancy as well as post insemination treatments if necessary are additional.

For individual mares intended for frozen semen, we encourage the boarding of the mare at our clinic. Boarding is in partnership with Fairfield Stud and allows for optimal attention and precise timing of insemination to maximise the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Our partnership with Fairfield Stud means that mares are welcome to board for the duration of any insemination package, the whole pregnancy, or return for foaling where they are monitored and foaled with veterinary assistance.

Our vets have a particular interest in stud medicine, stallion management and the management of young stock. We appreciate that foaling can be a stressful time and our experienced clinicians are available for emergency and non-emergency consultation 24/7.

Experienced equine clinicians
available for emergency care 24/7
Call us on 01652 240 071

Normal office hours: Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm

Experienced equine clinicians

available for emergency care 24/7

Call us on
01652 240 071

Normal office hours:
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm